Pure electrified blues .... THE DEVILS No synthetic instruments,

no rhythm boxes, no Bonus DVD’s with rehearsed dance moves, or fancy

wardrobes. Instead, they have been playing pure electrified blues for most of a lifetime.

This is the original form of blues which has lots of rhythm and a timeless sense of storytelling

embedded within its fabric.

The group was formed on the initiative of drummer Lars Lorentzen, who walked around

quietly and thought that things had come to look very thin on the Danish scene, not least '

when it came to the electric blues in Copenhagen.

Lorentzen took his inspiration from American revival group, The Red Devils,

as well as the group's lead singer and harp virtuoso Lester Butler, who died of rock ‘n roll

at just 38 years old. The Red Devils were an excellent exponent of the sequel to the Chicago Blues  of the 60s. THE DEVILS keep this style alive. It took Lorentzen a couple of years to gather the right musicians for the job:

Singer and harmonica player Soren Bruun and bassist Christian Balder are both experienced people with roots in blues and rock. Guitarist Mads Bolding, on the other hand, is a "new" name - Unless you have had your walk out in the South Harbor, Copenhagen. Mads is fresh and long missed up and coming great talent, a glimpse into the potential of the Danish blues scene. Mads is the guarantor of a sharp cut guitar in the best Jimmi Vaughan style, whilst bringing influences from the whole history of the blues to bear. THE DEVILS perform with full intent, as if the band is about to be killed at dawn. The sound is raw, and the vocals overpowering. The material timeless without succumbing to boring clichés and endless rivers of 12-bar blandness barred from proper feel and form. Here You find songs heard all to rarely penned by some of the great blues fathers (including Howlin 'Wolf, Paul Butterfield, Sonny Boy Williamson and Willie Dixon), but THE DEVILS have chosen to stay away from the standards and focus on the blues that all too easily falls by the wayside. The eponymous first album was created as a collective collaboration with Jesper Bo Nielsen. These five blues lovers crafted a record markedly raw and immediate, yet well-rehearsed and thought out from start to finish. All five instruments (incl. Vocals) were recorded live, all ten songs cut in less than a total of a few hours with a joy and energy that only comes about, when experienced musicians come together and share a musical space with one common goal: Pure electrified blues. No bullshit!